Thanks so much for dinner.

Nobody answered the telephone.

You did a good job.

Thank you for teaching me how to do this.

Where have you been all day?

Laurent boarded the plane.


There are no two ways about it.

His injury incapacitated him for work.

I'm not going to buy one of those, at least not yet.


The descent to hell is easy.

How often are letters delivered here?

I slipped an ice cube down her shirt.

Is this a fact or an opinion?

I thank you.


We're not listening.

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Leslie's downstairs.

Is this water safe to drink?

Her dress was a prodigious pair of self-willed shoes, that never wanted to go where her feet went; blue stockings; a printed gown of many colors, and the most hideous pattern procurable for money; and a white apron.


Why don't you loosen up?

Is it OK to talk to you first?

He abandoned me.

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Monty said Julie was his assistant.

Who will hear the case?

She is fond of painting a picture.

You make me want to laugh.

I don't really understand why.

He was playing with a lighter.

The goods were sent out yesterday.

You can do anything you want.

I get the feeling you don't really want me to drive.


Take home these paintings of his and tell me what you think of them.

I knew exactly what it was.

He put me off with a vague answer.

Let's see what's in the box.

When the book was written, it generated a lot of controversy.

I'll have Brendan at your office first thing in the morning.

This cell phone costs a fortune.

It took me two hours to get to Yokohama.

You're a good-for-nothing.


I'll see if I can help out.

Flunking school is not necessarily a predictor of future success.

My name is Tuna and I'm an addict.

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Do you want to hear about what I did last summer?

This wine is inferior to that one in flavor.

They have finished their work.

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What do you find so interesting about Jayesh?

After Saqib had eaten everything on his plate, he asked Mwa if he could eat her salad.

She has nothing snobbish about her.

How about playing baseball?

The Swiss keyboard contains no sharp S.

The walls have ears.

You're out of sugar.


How did you arrive at that conclusion?

How can you say such a silly thing?

I plan to try reading some other books.

She closed the door as fast as she could and ran away.

You look like a little girl in that dress.

Tao will speak to the crowd.

He pretends not to care about money.

I'm sorry, but I don't have change.

I think Cristina is wealthy.

Hartmann ignored Gregg almost all day, but finally talked to her just after dinner.

Do you want Stan to wait?


Malus has two cars.

You'll soon get used to speaking in public.

Prepare to die!

It is cruel of him to say such things to her.

So much has happened. It's as if the whole world is flipped upside down.


Brett asked me who had arrived first.


That Marionette is a disobedient son who is breaking his father's heart!

Life is a gift.

I could hardly close the suitcase.

I won't tell her.

She wiped him out of her memory.

Keith slumped on the couch.

They became acquainted with the routine.

I knew we were going to lose.

When we started out, we only had six employees.

I dry my shirt.

It'll cost at least five dollars.


This isn't my bag.

Swamy hates his life.

Clem has things on his mind.

You don't really want to remain here, do you?

Ah, the coffee is really hot!

She will have to earn her own living.

Do I need a root canal?

When he came to he found himself lying in a small, windowless cell.

The lake was frozen.

I don't really know anybody in town except Diane.

We're biased.

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He always walks with a rifle.


I plan to tell Stacey about you.


Promise you won't tell Lawrence.

We have to take care of our children.

You have to make the right choice.

I think we'd better get out of here.

I thought you brought your guitar.

I don't suppose you want to just tell me who you really are?

The birds were singing in the forest.

Marie wants to buy books.

I'm looking forward to come in Turkey!


Cecilia hanged himself in jail.


Norway has a total area of 385,252 square kilometres and a population of about 5 million.

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The magazine is for killing time.

I'm almost as tall as Catherine.

That looks like it would be fun to do.

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We were astonished.

We need some help down here.

From the direction that he was going in, I would say he was headed to town.

She made a deposit at the bank.

Who are you with?


A long time ago, most people lived in groups that moved around as the seasons changed.

I want to go somewhere quiet.

I can't make her happy.


I don't go to the movies alone because I like to talk to someone about the movie afterwards.


The salts of sulfuric acid are called sulfates.


I always said that your mobile never worked well.


I will go for a medical.

He's never questioned.

Please behave like an English gentleman.

If you really want to know, all you need to do is ask.

He has a lot of fear and doubt because people are always fooling him.

The queen was more frightened than words can describe, and could neither speak a word nor move from the place so as to awaken the King or the sailors.

I like things the way they are.

Pirates preyed upon unarmed merchant ships.

I'm going to get you to talk to Clara.

The tap is off.

Do we really want Owen to know how much money you make?

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I don't feel sick.

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Ima couldn't help feeling a twinge of panic.

Drunken fights and more drunken sex characterize their excuse for a relationship.

The policeman is wearing a gas mask.


The ducks pecked him, the chickens beat him, and the girl who fed the poultry kicked him with her feet.

He made a pretense of knowing my father.

Just keep on walking.

That child resembles his father.

Tell Kit what Valentin wants us to do.

Gregory is back in his office.

You'll get wrinkles.

You have a healthy baby boy.

Why did I accept to write this letter?

Despite the fact that they were all Dutch people, they spoke German with each other.

If it were not for the snow, we could climb the mountain.

Every situation requires individual analysis.

When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections.


He wrote it down in his notebook.

You need not run the risk.

I suggest that you write her a thank-you letter.


This explains it without a doubt.


Darryl sneaked up behind Audrey without being noticed.

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I missed my favourite series.

I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.

She was the most beautiful woman in the whole land.

I used to play volleyball when I was younger.

What do you think I should pack for my trip?


When did you begin to learn French?

The river is flowing very fast after last night's rain.

Did she like it?

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I met Radek yesterday.

What to say is more important than how to say it.

Stop acting like a spoiled child.

Stop complaining so much, and do something constructive!

You're missing all the lovely snow.