Listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply.

Here is my phone number.

Their car is parked near ours.

Grace never really got over Laura.

We have had few typhoons this autumn.

Why don't you give Eli a chance?

How do you look at yourself in the mirror?

You might at least have appreciated his kindness.

His nose is totally different.

The fridge is empty.

What's Del's motivation?

The child missed his mother very much.

Anthony's birthday is today.


That's not in my line outside my field.


I'll escort you.

You were always a little strange.

Isn't this the same necklace that Aunt Clara wears?


My son loves to throw temper tantrums in the supermarket.

Do you think Aimee knows what happened?

Sho coaches varsity baseball.

That doesn't suit us because Gilles is arriving.

The color has come out well.

She's a honey!

We must go there whether we like it or not.

I've been thinking about you all day.

Do you know how to pick locks?

Air balloons had not then been invented, nor steamships, nor railways.

Where is Atlantis?

You work for me.

My wife is ignorant of the world.

Life is unpredictable.

I don't know where to put it in.

Smoke was choking her.

Never argue with a drunk.

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The tornado dissipated without harm.


We praise the good old times, but live today.

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I'm not so sure Vladislav is right.

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I've got to start fighting back.

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Karen won a gold medal.

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You've got to see her home.


I was arrested because I helped him escape.


The airplane flies at a speed of five hundred kilometers per hour.

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She seemed to be satisfied with the result of the exam.

Just don't try to do this alone.

Some men can't handle women in positions of power.


Most people here are pretty friendly.

Stop looking down.

Miracles are ordinary.

They coughed.

We needed Uri's help.


The listeners had already begun to yawn.


My music teacher was surprised to find out that I can cook.

Banks are cutting lending to industrial borrowers.

Lorien has promised to give me a ring.

Whose plan is it?

They are able to retire while fairly young and enjoy the lifestyle of their choice in good health.

Because of the shock, she gave birth too soon.

You must unmask the imposter.

Clay is fairly popular, isn't he?

Lonhyn rushed out of the office.

Where would you rather go?

Vincent caught me.

I'm allergic to dogs.

Before exiting through the door, the man had whispered a word which no one managed to understand.

He left an hour ago.

Can you at least tell me your name?

The love that I suffer from is a shameful disease.

Steve and Lorenzo are both good students.

Her grandfather died of cancer last year.

I'll come with her.

Please come at 2:30.

Antony is very unhappy, isn't he?

You'd better not go there - it'll bring nothing but harm, I tell you.

Lord, guard and guide us today!


How handsome you are!

Barbra ate the stew straight from the pot.

It is sometimes difficult to tell twins apart.

The bus came to an abrupt stop.

Marsha lied about his age.


Someone tried to shoot them.


Were you able to find the book?

List and Pierce were both confused.

Was there something else you wanted?

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The work was all but finished.

My appetite was large.

I saw the way you looked at John.

It's a great night to go dancing.

Her cat is so adorable.

I tore up all the letters that you wrote to me.

Alain was excited about something.

He didn't drink that milk.

Gil noticed Bert wasn't driving the same car that he saw her driving before.


Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing for something.

Let's hurry.

There are some cases where this rule does not apply.

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Look, a tomato which grew up listening to Mozart!

What I do is my problem.

Old friends got in touch with me.

He came just after you left.

Jack got into his car, started the engine, and drove away.

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My brother can drive a car.

When was the last time you cleaned your room?

Ro kissed Kazuhiro and then she slapped him.

What medication is Olivier on?

This is a one hundred million dollar stadium.


Opportunities of time vouchsafed by Heaven are not equal to advantages of situation afforded by the Earth, and advantages of situation afforded by the Earth are not equal to the union arising from the accord of Men.


What makes life dreary is the want of motivation.

The snow melts in spring.

Carole couldn't think of anything to say.

The last wound proved fatal.

It is not easy to speak English.


Africa is exporting beef to Europe.


Do magpies really steal things from humans?


It'll take months.

What are some foods you usually eat with your children?

Helen has a MacBook Pro and an iPhone.


Let her know where I am.

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You prefer whole-grain cereals, don't you?

Kelvin is coming into town next month.

I have a connecting flight on UA 111.

Brooke was crushed.

He visited Japan when he was president.

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He is happy. For one thing he's got a promotion and for another he has just got married.

Leaders are trying to do away with impediments to economic growth.

No matter how much you might think you like curry, three days in a row is plenty.

Happy German Unity Day!

Please, hurry up.

That plan of yours is good, I think.

He behaves as if he were somebody.

This park is now closed to the public.

Naoto looked down at his hands.

It could be important.

We named our dog Cookie.

The train made a brief stop.

Limited tickets are available.

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Classes start at eight in the morning.

Norbert has never been to Boston before.

Don't tell me what to do or not to do.


The water rose to a level of 10 meters.

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It's our job to help him.

Activity keeps the mind from rusting.

It was exciting for me to go to the capital for the first time.

He taught his dog some clever tricks.

There was nothing to do.


It is strange that they should get so angry.

I hope your wish will come true.

This failure was brought about by your own negligence.

You hate her, right?

Tammy doesn't give up.


Government red tape has made the process very cumbersome and hard to understand.

People are looking at us.

I wish there were no examination.

Thank you for boiling the water.

Please wait a moment and don't hang up.

His watch is ten minutes slow.

Simplicity in design attracts users.

Who helped you?

She intended to become an actress.

My boss is a slave driver.

Will you open the window and air out this stuffy room?


You must study better.


Stephe seems to be carrying some kind of weapon.