It took a long time to bring him around to our point of view.

Perception matters more than facts.


I'm not the only one who doesn't have enough money to pay the membership fee.


I usually spend the whole day idly on Sunday.

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We are just about the same age.


Can you see anyone?

Reid slid down the water slide.

Julie bought himself a sweater.

Linda knew about Dan's affair.

Tax wise, it is an attractive arrangement.


The photographs are the only proof we have.

Put this on.

I know what needs to be done.

They found out their families didn't get along.

What are you doing for dinner Monday night?


The tail of a fox is longer than that of a rabbit.

"Leslie, do you have school today?" "No, classes were canceled because of the typhoon."

Don't worry! The test is easy.

He's quite a character!

I saw you while you were still under the fig tree before Philip called you.


If you act like a child, you'll be treated like a child.


Your necktie matches your suit.

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I think it's time to get started.

Things got so hot between them.

Some orphans will be adopted, but not all.

Are you staying at the hotel I suggested?

The pain must be horrible.

You had better supplement your diet with vitamins.

Could you excuse us a second?

Traffic accidents are increasing year by year.

I know you can't stop her.

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He is antisocial.

Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.

No one gave him a good chance.

Ronni is an FBI agent.

The dog is crunching a bone.

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My dad bought me books.

That car could've hit me.

I'm not going anywhere on Monday.

It's a trip I won't forget.

Wes likes the sciences.

Which syllable receives the stress in the word "Australia"?

I'm going to make enlarged copies.

Rajesh started drinking after his wife left him.

We have work for them.


What do you keep winking at me for?

My sister's car is pink.

He had the goodness to come all the way to see me.


Nothing is being thrown away.


She struck the wall with her fist.

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I hope your wish will come true.


He took the guitar and started playing.

Where's the washroom?

Amanda is one of the greatest American songwriters.

Loud music bothers me.

The terrorist attack in Paris has shocked the world.

The sky was already looking grim when we set sail. Within an hour, the first squall had hit us.

They're inside.

I rarely eat out.

That's what I want.


It was a bit of high jinks.

I am drilling the door.

We saw that a nail was stuck in the tyre.

I've been thinking the same thing.

Kiki was head over heels for Nathaniel.

I think this table takes up too much space.

Dieter doesn't like any kind of music.

What are you guys doing?

It's already past ten o'clock.

They did all they could.

You act surprised. What did you expect?

We bought her a necklace.

Bruno seems really embarrassed.


Why don't you try sitting up?


Everyone around here likes us.

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The spider web glistened in the morning dew.


Do you know where the meeting will be?

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I want you to wear this one.


A bear is a friendly beast compared to a tiger.


No, and it is also not under the chair.

Keep to the left when driving.

Francois sometimes drops in on me.

She's not from here. She was born in another country.

I want my stuff.

I need to know that somebody cares.

He kicked John upstairs.

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Kathy looks tired today.

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Our class has increased in size.

I am happy to spend money on books.

I think Huey understands all that.


We're volunteering.

The New Tokyo International Airport was opened in Narita.

This math teacher is also the coach of the basketball team.

Duncan seemed reluctant to give Tracy the bad news.

I am trained to fight in the mountain.


It doesn't even matter.


What do carpenters eat?

While there is a plurality of Tatoeba sentences in English, it is encouraging that Esperanto, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian, French and Spanish already have respectable numbers of sentences as well.

He accepted our offer.

Vickie spends hours in the bathroom.

Young children soon pick up words they hear.


Employers cannot refuse to hire workers because of their race, religion, ethnic origin, skin colour, sex, age, marital status, disability or sexual orientation.

They can't hurt you.

The guards searched Dan's cell.

He hesitated to take part in the reunion.

Vermilion is one the signifiers of Chinese culture.

I am married to Hercules.

Alberto has never spoken to me.

I asked Catherine to stop following us.

We're no longer children.

You should phone your mother as soon as you can.

I'm ambidextrous.

We still have quite a bit to do.

What's there to say?

It is the one you used to hear when you were a little child.

I'm not expecting anyone to show up before 2:30.

I owe it to him that I can earn a good salary.

I've always respected Miki.

I said all along that he was not a person to be trusted, but you would not listen to me.

What do you make of that?

That was months ago.

This limited express is bound for Sendai.


Can you give Meeks another chance?


Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

It was unpredictable.

We love chili.


This road goes to the city.

May I call at around 2:30?

This soup is too salty.

Don't you find yourself reaching for things with '20% extra' written on them?

Isabelle and Marcos began to argue.

Nothing has resulted from our efforts.

These clothes are dirty and need washing.

I like Chinese food a lot.

I'm pretty drunk.

She was the last person I expected to see in such a place.

Could you please tell me how much this is worth?


I think you and I had better have a talk with Sonny.

Urs should go back home now.

What's your favorite kind of fruit?

I like red roses.

Sooner or later, she'll get over the shock.

A fly is as likely to land on shit as it will on pie.

I'd rather work than go out.

Cristina and Juan are professional musicians.

It fell to pieces.

Have you registered yet?

I believe in God.

Arnold almost got away with it.

Blair is sitting on a chair.

The weather is clearing up. I needn't have brought an umbrella.

He didn't do it.


You look like someone who could use a drink.


We have to cancel our trip to Japan.

We were both grinning.

She told me that she wanted a pet dog.


This is kind of embarrassing, actually.

Did you buy anything for her?

I assume you've graduated from high school by now.

He is thrifty, not to say stingy.

I can't bear this kind of pain.

He has no choice but to succeed.

The answer seems too obvious.