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The Australian Government’s new Telehealth program, through Medicare now provides access to skilled psychologists in rural and remote areas.  Through Emerge Psychology™ this is free-of-charge and convenient with availability seven days per week.  

For the first time ever, rural and remote Australians are being offered equitable psychological services to assist in treating disorders such as depression and anxiety through Telehealth.  Instead of driving great distances to access services it is now easy to access services on your smart phone or computer.   Our psychologists are ready to meet the demand.  Book in on Telehealth Psychologists page and your appointment will be a click away on the day! 

Attending your appointment is a click away on the day!

Accessing cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) has never been easier.

There are three ways you can book in –

(1) secure online (229) 268-7020  or

(2) by secure Fax 03 9503 0469 or

(3) email our secure and encrypted account – markr@emergepsychology.com.au

Attending your appointment is as easy as clicking on the link that we will send to your email.

To meet the demand for mental health services in rural and remote Australia, Emerge Psychology provides bulk-billed telehealth psychology sessions to rural and remote Australians who are referred by their GP.

With a GP referral, through Emerge Psychology, rural and remote Australians (in areas 4 to 7 MMM) can access up to ten telehealth psychology sessions per calendar year.

All psychologists at  Emerge Psychology™ are

  • Medicare Providers
  • Members of the Australian Psychologist Society
  • Actively engaged in CPD and peer review to support their delivery of Telehealth to rural Australians


Is it essential that I have a referral from my GP?

Yes, it is essential that you have a referral from your GP that is dated prior to your initial Telehealth psychology session to access bulk-billed services.

How will I access my appointment?

When you book your Telehealth session a confirmation will be sent to the email address you provide.  This confirmation will provide a link to Emerge Psychology‘s videolink platform.  At the time of your appointment simply click on the link provided and join your session with the consultant psychologist with whom you have booked.  It may take some adjusting to for the first few minutes, but this platform has been applauded by patients nationally who have used it and is used by health departments and Beyond Blue as well as Emerge Psychology.

Will my data be safe?

Emerge Psychology’s IT platform meets state-of-the-art security standards.  The IT platform meets privacy legislation and is consistent with the Code of Ethics of the Australian Psychological Society.

What if I have poor reception?

It is likely that, even if you have poor reception, you will be able to access Telehealth as Emerge Psychology’s IT platform uses a small bandwidth for ease of connectivity. Many have found it surprising how easy it is to use, even in areas of poor reception.  It is a requirement of Medicare that sessions be carried out by videolink, instead of telephone, so great care has been taken in sourcing a secure platform with reliable connectivity so that your consultant psychologist is only one click away.

What if I need to change my appointment time?

In your confirmation text you will be provided with instructions on changing times where required.  It is requested that wherever possible adequate notice be given to enable this resource to be best-utilised.

Will there be a cost to my mobile phone or internet data charge?

The advice received by Emerge Psychology is that there is no cost incurred by the patient, apart from that derived from minimal data use, which is generally negligible and similar to data used through accessing music or videos on the internet.

What information is sent to my GP?

Following your initial appointment your GP will be advised that your appointment has taken place.  Following the 6th session and final session your GP will be updated on your progress.  This information is not used for any other purpose than treatment planning. Your personal details are not used for any purpose other than planning the service provision of psychology services in rural and remote Australia.  Your data is protected by the IT platform in place and the processes legislated for registered psychologists. Great care has been taken to protect the security of this system.

What if I don’t have internet connection?

It is necessary for telehealth psychology sessions to have internet connection.  This can be on 3G or over your computer line.  It is important to have a quiet, private space for your consultation.  In some areas of rural and remote Australia this could prove challenging.  Your local community health centre or library may be able to assist.  If you do not have means of accessing internet connection regularly, please contact Emerge Psychology’s Operation Manager, Mark Ralphsmith and provide your contact details.

How can I be sure that I reside in an eligible rural/remote Telehealth zone?

Simply by entering your suburb


and checking that you live a zone in the Modified Monash Model between 4 to 7.

We trust you will enjoy using the service – and refer you to the below Disclaimer.

With any queries or concerns please contact our Operations Manager, Mark Ralphsmith at markr@emergepsychology.com.au

Our Psychologists have been selected and supported by Emerge Psychology™ to assist in meeting the mental health needs of rural and remote Australians with a current wait list of ten days.

Our services are available seven days per week.


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Emerge Psychology™
 is a leader in providing services through the new Telehealth  – Psychology Initiative for  treatment of depression and anxiety disorders, across the lifespan – Drawing on entirely evidence-based cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) models, acceptance and commitment processes, with continual investments towards utilising gold-standard and continually-advanced therapeutic approaches.

By using this resource and attending sessions through Emerge Psychology Pty Ltd, you are agreeing to the provisions of this Disclaimer and the Consent Agreement – must be read and agreed to before your first session  Queries about the terms can be made to Emerge Psychology’s Operation Manager markr@emergepsychology.com.au  Please ensure you have read the following prior to your initial session and advise your consultant psychologist of any questions:

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