You're the last person I expected to see here.

Please let me take your picture.


There's no time.

I don't want to go to work today.

After a brief speech the mayor fielded questions from reporters.

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Modern DNA analysis has exonerated many people on death row in the US.

Shai said he didn't know where Vincent went to school.

I didn't catch your last name.


A nod is a sign of agreement.

The teacher looked over the examination papers.

What is your favourite song?


Calvin might've liked to go with us.

Go where you will in Holland, you will see windmills.

I'll meet you down at the station tomorrow.

Why do you think I'm sitting here?

Why would somebody want to kill Wendy?

She is a native speaker of Serbian.

That's Sean's office.

He did me the honor of saying that I was right.

We went on a picnic to the woods.


Is there place for this box inside the van?


I believe that you'll definitely be able to get first place.


I need to stay here with you.

He dictated several letters to his secretary.

She warned you.


I didn't like Lanny at first.

It seems I was wrong about him.

Do you have any plans for today?

Jack insists that he has nothing to do with the crime.

At what rate did the illness spread?

One man, no man.

Get back before midnight, or you will be locked out.

Why don't you let me take a look?

I don't think children should drink beer.

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I just heard something upstairs.


Vickie rolled his ankle on some uneven ground.

Santa is not very good at it.

Tell me what you told Petr.

Teruyuki lives in a huge house.

Did you know that John's father died of a heart attack?

When I turned fifteen I started going out more.

I love math.


They must have arrived home by this time.

Unless you turn the radio off, I will go mad.

This student is American.

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She never saw her again.

Tran has a reputation of never listening to anybody's advice.

Have you been totally honest with me?

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Grant is a retired businessman.

You will find the scene just as you see it in this picture.

Antony fixed the leaky faucet.

Which is faster, a taxi or a subway?

Masanobu and Mat awoke to find water lapping at the door of their tent.

This supermarket delivers only on Saturday.

Where did you dry them?


I'd love to know what's happening.

He's not young anymore.

Jisheng was very thirsty.

Take the dog for a walk.

There is no chosen nation on Earth.

My dad is special.

We can't sue.


Human as a biological being belongs to the animal world.


I was not in the least surprised, for I had fully expected as much.


He is likely to live to be ninety.

A vigilante bypasses the law and takes matters into his own hands.

You think I'm scared, don't you?

I don't feel fine. Where is the nearest medical center?

What does this look like?


Looks like today will be a long day.

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Christmas isn't far off now.

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Our class has increased in size.

Sorry that I'm calling so early.

We appreciate you coming.

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They're out of options.

Call me the next time you have a party.

I've enjoyed this novel very much.

This is not some cheap Izakaya, so we don't accept that customers sing loudly.

I'm very concerned about your health.


We have no water.

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Take the oranges out of the fridge.

A lot of trees grow in the countryside.

I give you my heart.

Men believe that discussing problems is a waste of time.

The big white dog looks at that cat.

He's a riot!

I had to change the rules.

She wanted to spare him embarrassment.

What would've happened to me if I'd done that?

Excuse me, is this seat still free?

I pointed this out to him.

I'm the one who got beat up.

I came here to discuss a personal problem with you.


What did I do?


Why wouldn't you buy me what I wanted?

She knew better than to ask such a stupid question.

Something always happens.

I hope someone famous sings one of my songs.

I'll dance with her.

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Anatoly went on eating.


I suggest that we speed things up a little.


I got tired of lying in bed all day.

We're going to discuss the problem tomorrow.

He gave me whatever help I needed.


I did that today.

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Nancy and Jane had to go back home at five thirty.

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It's still impossible with the naked eye. With binoculars you might be able to glimpse it....


Please give him a chance.

She was beautiful when she was young.

It may already be too late for him.

I am alluding to Vice.

Have we forgotten anything?

Call the operator at 104 then.

I'm probably going to have to leave work a little early today.

Ready money will away.

Kristin behaved like a child.

You're going to be a beautiful bride.

I took him to the hospital.

There's no denying his ability as a pitcher, but he is rather injury-prone.

You're right. I have half a mind to do something myself.

I didn't realize you used to live in Boston.

This plant looks sick.


I heard a man's voice and thought it sounded like Mark's.


I checked and rechecked, so I don't think there are any mistakes on that report.


To tell you the truth, my biggest worry is what Pam will do if he finds out that Norm has been killed.

If anything can be done in America, it can be done in New York.

That book is of no interest to me.

He hit the jackpot with his date. She was lovely and intelligent.

I have friends in London.


Tell me something I don't already know.

Kenton didn't have to wear a suit and tie, but he did.

There was a full moon last night.

I need you on my team.

Don't try to blame this on her.


Would you like to freshen up?

Dori tasted the popcorn and decided it wasn't salty enough, so he sprinkled on some more salt.

Do you want me to leave a light on for you?

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Only love can break your heart.

Are there still women who use your language at home?

You seem to understand Bud.

We can look at a suit clad Brett at a black grand piano with dramatic finger moves, creating music that is very pleasant to listen to.

All men are brothers.

Please bring the matter forward at the next meeting.

Edwin should have handled the situation differently.

There are a thousand meters in a kilometer.

Why would someone like James buy that?


This kind of cat doesn't have a tail.

My friends are my family.

Keep your eye on her.

No one lives here anymore.

Though it was a muggy night, she went to bed with all the windows closed.

If you like seafood, you've come to the right place!

Chet was able to get into the house through a window.

A higher power might exist.

We have two television sets.

Where will everybody sleep?

They haven't paid me anything yet.

He explored the region around the South Pole.

My father is sweeping the garage.


Ofer probably doesn't even know who Harry is.