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I can't believe that Scot was in on it.

My predictions were accurate.

Portugal has only one neighbor and it's Spain.


I've waited so long for this.

I bought this as a gift for Rayan.

I cast about for a suitable reply.

He didn't keep his promise.

I'm a marketer, and as a marketer, I know that I've never really been in control. Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room, the saying goes.

He was beside himself with excitement.

I couldn't believe it was you.

They were left alone together.

The store is almost empty.

Will you still be here when I come back?

I knew they would suspect her.

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The bird was sitting in the tree wagging its tail.

Jones owns a small piece of land in the country.

Do you know anybody who can teach my kids French?


It is difficult to speak three languages.


I collected coffee cups.

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As it is, prices are going up every week.

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I can't force you to testify.

Morning, Mrs. Virtanen.

There are two sides in each river.


As long as you are thinking about the pros and cons of a relationship, I don't think you can call it love.

She's too old for me.

Kirsten translated the French letter into English for his boss.


They were attacking against overwhelming odds.

I haven't talked to her since.

To be more precise, I'd call it not the reason but an excuse.


She was jealous of her neighbor's good fortune.

Does this bus go to the center of town?

This has been happening quite a lot lately.

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I have money for you.

We live in a cottage.

I need to be with my kids for Christmas.


He's so dull!

When are you planning to get married?

I'm on my way over.

What is the first rule?

Isn't his name Van?

The loss of money made it impossible for him to go abroad.

I almost feel bad for Andries.

How much is this handkerchief?

Somebody moved out in a hurry.


He no longer speaks to his daughters.

After this, nobody ever saw the ghost of the old woman again in that alley.

I'm sorry I hurt Rajiv.

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I see the good student.


The article on Buddhism revived my interest in Oriental religions.

That car is mine.

You have to ask Douglas first.

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You have to ask for permission from your teacher.

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It's looking like a treadmill kind of day.


I know an English teacher who comes from Canada.


They made us work all day long.

I did it out of curiosity.

This road connects Tokyo with Osaka.

Who is going to put and end to this strike?

It was hard at first.

You want this stuff, don't you?

Would you like some water?

The two mountains are of equal height.

Joon hates it when it's hot.

I don't trust anyone anymore.

Please heat the water.

It'll be dark in an hour.

She cherished his old love letters.

It's 3:10.

Which songs did they sing?


What class do you have first period?

We have pilaf, lo mein, and kebabs in our restaurant.

These are ours.

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He talks a lot about Germany.

It was mind-blowing.

Don't tell her anything except the absolute truth.

All the crew were saved.

I'll be thirty soon.

I can make this very short.

Come back here, you little brat!

I've been invited over to a friend's.

I wouldn't want anything to happen to you.

Do you take debit cards?

I'll see you in there.

She may well be proud of her daughter.

It's not pornography, it's art.

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Guido said that he would help me.


I'm contributing.

Sharan and Cindie still aren't out of high school.

This dog runs very fast!


America's radioactive waste may be targeted in terrorist attacks.

They just want an excuse to fire you.

John called me names.

Christophe doesn't want to see Jakob at all.

The police have made hundreds of drug busts across the country.

Marsh opened his guitar case and took out his guitar.

Please tell Beth Dory wasn't doing anything wrong.

Konstantinos and Hunter woke up early to see the first sunrise of the year.

What're we supposed to do with that?

I love her so much I would die for her.

The game was called off because it rained.

When does Ping's bus arrive?

That's my specialty.

I kind of wished you'd mentioned that before.

There is a mistake in the sentence.

A funeral is a pageant whereby we attest our respect for the dead by enriching the undertaker, and strengthen our grief by an expenditure that deepens our groans and doubles our tears.

Gene went back to school.

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He seems to make nothing of it.

Irving and Andrew crashed John's party.

Having been living in New York for three years, he knows many good restaurants there.


Cathryn thinks Kitty should apologize to John for not doing what she said she'd do.


I know this guy that lives off takeaways.

He had to leave his cat at home.

Generally speaking, Westerners don't eat fish raw.

He will not do it.

Would you like some lemonade?

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Did you really swim for three hours yesterday?


They are always arguing about money.

She calls me all the time.

We're here now.

Have you given up smoking for good and all?

This squirrel is hibernating.

It's on now on TF1.

I have to practice the piano every day.


Another thing that is required is a dictionary.

Did you iron all the shirts?

Kuldip looks thinner.

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Inadequate questions give rise to inadequate answers.

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Nobody expected anything from me.

Follow my lead!

We shared the profit among us all.

She is now well enough to wash her hair by herself.

Have you betrayed us?


Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay.

Do you have a problem with this plan?

You've done a good job so far.


His son was expelled from school.

You know that I don't like eggs.

My brother-in-law died last Friday.

Good God!

There isn't a book on the table.

Even if you aren't hungry, you should eat something. Otherwise you won't last until lunch time.

Do you think maybe Dawn didn't know about what Jill was planning to do?

Here we enjoy mountain walks and fresh air.

We have to clear up the problem first.

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He had the kindness to find me a job.


Training conditions workers to react quickly to an emergency.

Please stand up.

It's not a good idea to pick up hitchhikers.

We know that Claudia is here.

Margie is extremely generous.

Vern can't speak French at all.

These are decisions I want to make alone.

Ray lives alone in a small cabin in the woods.

The company was in want of money.

I love music as well as sports.

Do you think we're stupid?

He keeps company with a foreign student.

Many fear an uptick in the violence.

Brian drank out of his coffee mug and read the newspaper.

She rose to her feet with tears in her eyes.

I really don't understand what's up with her.

Every statement is false, so is this one!


The room was very untidy.